Notby AI: Badge Championing Human-Centric Content Creation

In a digital landscape where artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives, a new badge emerges as a beacon of authenticity and human creativity: the "Notby AI" badge. This innovative tool signifies that content has been crafted without the heavy reliance on AI, with less than 10% AI involvement. Its mission is to encourage human-generated content and ensure that we continue to prioritize the human touch in our digital creations.

A Quest for Authenticity:

The "Notby AI" badge represents a collective effort to preserve and celebrate human creativity in the age of automation. With AI-generated content becoming increasingly prevalent, there's a growing concern that the uniqueness and authenticity of human-created content are at risk of being diluted. As AI algorithms become more sophisticated, they can churn out an endless stream of text, images, and videos, often indistinguishable from human creations. While AI has undoubtedly revolutionized content creation, it's essential to strike a balance that prioritizes human ingenuity.

The Purpose of the "Notby AI" Badge:

The primary objective of the "Notby AI" badge is to empower content creators and users alike. By identifying content that is predominantly human-generated, it helps users make informed choices about the content they consume and engage with. It also encourages content creators to take a more active role in their creations, fostering creativity and uniqueness.

Guidelines for Usage:

To earn the "Notby AI" badge, content creators must adhere to specific guidelines. These guidelines include using AI tools sparingly, ensuring that less than 10% of the content is AI-generated. This threshold ensures that human creativity remains at the forefront of content creation. Additionally, the badge encourages transparency, requiring creators to disclose their AI usage. This honesty fosters trust between creators and their audience.

Minimum Size Requirements:

Another crucial aspect of the "Notby AI" badge is the enforcement of minimum size requirements for content. To qualify for the badge, content must meet a minimum length or duration criterion. This requirement ensures that creators invest time and effort into their work, rather than relying solely on AI shortcuts to produce mass quantities of content. It promotes quality over quantity.

Promoting a Human-First Approach:

At its core, the "Notby AI" badge promotes a human-first approach to content creation. It sends a clear message that while AI can be a valuable tool, it should not overshadow the creativity, emotion, and unique perspectives that only humans can provide. This approach benefits both creators and consumers of content. Creators are encouraged to hone their skills and craft, while consumers are presented with content that reflects genuine human experiences and creativity.

Preventing Repetition and Stagnation:

One of the underlying concerns with the widespread adoption of AI in content creation is the risk of content becoming repetitive and stagnant. When AI generates a significant portion of content, it can lead to homogenization, making it challenging to find truly innovative and diverse content. The "Notby AI" badge acts as a safeguard against this trend, encouraging creators to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of their creativity.


The "Notby AI" badge is a commendable initiative that champions the importance of human creativity and authenticity in the digital age. It serves as a reminder that while AI is a powerful tool, it should not overshadow the unique capabilities of the human mind. By promoting a human-first approach to content creation and setting guidelines for its usage, the badge ensures that we continue to advance while avoiding over-reliance on AI-generated content. In doing so, it safeguards the richness and diversity of content in our ever-evolving digital landscape. So, let us embrace the "Notby AI" badge as a symbol of our commitment to creativity, authenticity, and the enduring power of human imagination.

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