VideoProc Converter AI: Enhance old videos and photos to crispy HD/4K quality


VideoProc Converter AI: Enhance old videos and photos to crispy HD/4K quality VideoProc Converter AI is an AI-generative video solution for those who want to enhance and remaster old, SD, and low-quality videos/photos. It boasts three groundbreaking AI enhancement tools: Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization. Super Resolution: The AI Super Resolution module is the crown jewel of VideoProc Converter AI, capable of upscaling and enhancing old, SD, and low-quality videos, AI-generated images, photos, DVDs, and records. It can scale up a video or picture by 200%, 300 and 400% while delivering a natural result without noticeable artifacts and detail loss. Powered by up-to-date and well-trained AI models, the technology is specially made for reality and anime videos as well as AI generative pictures. Frame Interpolation: This tool uses deep learning algorithms to convert low-FPS video to high FPS, delivering 5x+ frames of the source video. It helps everyone create 20x super smooth slow-mo, revive old footage to 4K 60FPS, unify mixed frame rate for post-production, and can be combined with other AI art tools to create morphing effects. Stabilization: It stabilizes GoPro, drone, and camera footage more efficiently by utilizing the next-level stabilization algorithm. It offers users full control over shakiness removing intensities and cropping sizes with selectable Stabilization Modes, Presets, Border Color, Crop Type, and Crop Ratio. It excels in challenging scenarios like low contrast regions, illumination changes, motion blur, and moving objects. * Kind note. AI tools are currently exclusive to Windows version of VideoProc Converter AI, with Mac features coming soon. Meanwhile, VideoProc Converter AI is a one-stop video processing software for PC and Mac. It helps convert, compress, and process large 4K/HDR videos, audio, and DVDs easily at a fully accelerated speed. It empowers users to make media content more playable, editable, and sharable as well as fix video problems like audio/video out of sync, lens distortion, noise, and more.

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