The Best AI Video Editors You Should Try in 2024.

In the realm of video editing, the integration of artificial intelligence has ushered in a new era of possibilities. From enhancing existing footage to generating entirely novel videos based on textual input, the influence of AI is undeniably magical. Here, we delve into a compilation of some of the most advanced AI video editors and generators currently making waves in 2024.

10. Synthesia:

   Synthesia stands as a trailblazer in AI video generation. This intuitive online platform empowers users to create videos featuring lifelike human presenters by simply inputting text. With a selection of 125+ AI avatars based on real actors, capable of speaking in 120+ languages, Synthesia offers a free demo and subscription plans starting at $30 per month.

9. Runway:

   Revolutionizing video editing, Runway simplifies the process, eliminating the need for technical expertise or expensive software. It facilitates easy editing and enhancement of existing video footage, including background removal, object painting, subtitle addition, and more. While three projects can be created for free, the most popular plan costs $12 per editor per month.

8. Unscreen:

   Unscreen automates background removal from videos, sparing users the manual labor of pixel selection and color masking. Powered by AI, it ensures highly accurate results by detecting even the smallest details. The free version has some limitations, with pricing starting at $4.99 per video minute for enhanced quality and watermark-free exports.

7. VREW:

   VREW utilizes AI to generate captions from speech in videos, replacing manual transcription with fast speech recognition. Users can effortlessly edit auto-generated captions and customize styles using different fonts, borders, and shadows. This is a downloadable software.

6. Descript:

   Descript is a comprehensive AI video editor offering a range of features for creating professional-looking videos with ease. Users can add visual elements, titles, captions, and even animate layers. Descript provides a variety of stock voices and a limited free plan.

5. Nova A.I.:

   Nova A.I. functions as a video categorization and organization tool, employing AI to recognize and tag various elements in videos, including faces, expressions, objects, activities, and celebrities. Available for free, with the most popular plan priced at $18 per month.

4. Reface: Face Swap Videos:

   The Face Swap mobile app is a delightful way to swap faces with friends or celebrities in real time, offering various filters, GIFs, and funny videos.

3. Topaz Video AI:

   Priced at $199.99, Topaz Video AI is a desktop app designed for enhancing existing video footage through AI, excelling in upscaling, denoising, and restoration of videos, creating a natural visual flow.

2. Make-a-Video:

   Meta's latest AI system, Make-a-Video, generates videos based on text input, offering an exciting opportunity for content creators in the future.

1. HeyGen:

    A standout feature of HeyGen is its ability to synthesize videos based on text descriptions or scripts. Leveraging generative adversarial networks (GANs), HeyGen refines its video generation capabilities through iterative processes, delivering increasingly impressive and lifelike results.

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