WriteText.ai for Magento


WriteText.ai is an AI-powered tool designed for Magento that automatically generates product
descriptions, meta titles, meta descriptions, short descriptions, Open Graph texts, and image alt texts directly within your Magento backend.


Unlimited ecommerce sites and user accounts available.
Seamless transfer and publishing directly to Magento.
Variety of product attribute selections, including tone and style.
Content customization in terms of length, target audience, and user roles.
Enhanced image analysis where WriteText.ai enhances text by extracting details from
product images, providing more accurate and compelling descriptions for products with
minimal data or complex names.
AI-driven market targeting recommendations.
Comprehensive keyword analysis and semantic keyword recommendations.
Monitoring of keyword density for optimized SEO.
Capability to rewrite text.
Reference to existing products to maintain consistency in tone, style, and layout.
Trackable content review history and management of content in bulk.
Support for multiple stores.
Chrome extension available for efficient content management and product tagging for
verification or revisions.

WriteText.ai operates in two distinct modes: 'WriteText.ai Single' and 'WriteText.ai Bulk.' The first mode provides granular control for setting parameters for individual products prior to text
generation, while the second mode automatically generates descriptions for multiple products
simultaneously without the need for manual intervention.

This tool offers seamless integration with an unlimited number of ecommerce platforms and
permits the establishment of numerous user accounts at no additional cost.

WriteText.ai Single:

In this mode, users can specify the tone, style, and target market for individual products. They
can also conduct in-depth keyword analysis, choose semantic keywords, and include certain
product attributes in the content it generates. WriteText.ai produces customized text in about 50
seconds, allowing users time to review and modify the content before it goes live. This setting is
ideal for crafting specific content that caters directly to distinctive audience demands, with a
strong focus on SEO enhancement.

WriteText.ai Bulk:

Designed to handle large volumes efficiently, WriteText.ai Bulk enables users to select several
products at once and apply a uniform tone, style, and set of attributes to all chosen products.
This mode is perfect for expediting the content generation process when dealing with large
amounts of products.

Language Support:

To accommodate global users, Version 1.2 of WriteText.ai includes support for multiple
languages, catering to a more diverse user base. Supported languages include Danish,
Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian. This
enhancement allows businesses to auto-generate content in the primary language of their
Magento site, thereby expanding their reach and enhancing engagement with international

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